Homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter Year A by Rev. Fr. Kenneth Ahanonu

May 18, 2017
YOU TOO NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT It is two weeks to Pentecost. As seen in today’s readings, the Church is already preparing us for the great manifestation as well as reception of the Holy Spirit traditionally celebrated on Pentecost day. The Church is wise; the Church is wonderful. Glory be to God. The greatest thing that has ever happened in the world history is that God came down and dwelt physically with people in the person of Jesus Christ. His physical presence ceased a ...


May 13, 2017
It is the belief of most non-Catholics that Catholics do not read the Bible and do not know anything about the Bible. Various Councils of the Church deliberated and approved the collections of the books that made of the bible we read today. This however was approved by the Pope. Without the Catholic Church, other denominations wouldn’t have gotten the Bible. Immaculate conception– The Church teaches that the BVM was conceived without sin at the time of conception. She was ...

Reflection on the Blessed Virgin Mary on Nnewi diocesan Marian Year Celebration 13/05/2017 By Bishop Hilary Okeke 11:10 AM

May 13, 2017
It is 100 years on since the BVM appeared to the three children of Fatima. She appeared 7 times to them and one more time to one of them. Today, 2 of the children to whom The BVM appeared will be made saints by the Pope. The angel had been appearing to these three children. Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta went to gather their sheep and they were led to the height of the mountain and they were so afraid. The BVM appeared to them and they were afraid all the more. They were also afraid since it w ...

Homily for the Fifth Sunday of Easter A By Rev. Fr. Martin Onwudiwe

May 11, 2017
IN MY FATHER’S HOUSE, THERE ARE MANY ROOMS During the 2009 Christian pilgrimage to Israel, one of the pilgrims, Brother Jude would have preferred a room to himself if given the opportunity. His roommate had already shown his horrible snoring habit during their air travel which unfortunately became the lot of Brother Jude during their 10 days sojourn in the Holy Land. Brother Jude hardly slept owing to his roommate’s heavy snoring. Obviously, the comforts of a room occupied ...

Homily For the Fourth Sunday of Easter A By Rev. Fr. Hygi Aghaulor

May 04, 2017
THE GOOD SHEPHERD AND THE GOOD SHEEP After the 2005 first Nnewi Diocesan Census, we went for a random cross-checking of the figures collected. In a family in St. Anthony’s Umuohi Okija, we met an elderly woman whom the seminarian with me asked how many dependents she had. She began, “Well, there is Rosu nwam, and Richardi, and louisi, Ceciria, Okekenta, Willie…” It was then that I interrupted her as names rolled on and on and said: “No, mama, that’ ...

Easter Sunday Homily (Year A) by Rev. Fr Kenneth Ahanaonu

Apr 14, 2017
THE RESSURECTION CHARACTERS AND THE SIGNIFICANCE FOR US CHRISTIANS Today is the day of great Alleluia. It is the resurrection of the Lord. It is a day that brought the greatest change in the world history. It is a day our salvation is accomplished. The period of lent and the week-long celebration of the paschal mystery has its culmination in the celebration of today. We thank God and joyfully proclaim Alleluia in the highest. We may claim to have at least a faint understanding ...

Homily for Passion Sunday A By Rev. Fr Francis C. Ezinne

Apr 05, 2017
THEY HAILED HIM YET, THEY NAILED HIM TO THE CROSS; BUT, WE CHRISTIANS ARE CALLED TO BE DIFFERENT Preamble: In fulfillment of the Scriptures, Jesus went up to Jerusalem to take up His Cross for the salvation of the world. This glorious messianic entry into Jerusalem is what we commemorate in today’s liturgy. After five weeks of preparation through prayer, fasting, alms giving and other forms of penance, we, today enter the climax of the Lenten season, the Holy Week, in wh ...

Homily for the fifth Sunday of Lent A By Rev. Fr Chukwunonso Anosike

Apr 05, 2017
JESUS REVEALS HIMSELF AS THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFEJust as John 1:1-51 prepared the reader to enter the story of Jesus’ ministry, so also chaps. 11-12 prepare us to enter the story of his death and resurrection. The raising of Lazarus is recounted only in the Gospel of John. It serves as the catalyst for Jesus’ death, a role played by the cleansing of the Temple in the Synoptic Gospels. Its absence from the Synoptic Gospels should not be taken as proof that the Fourth Eva ...


Mar 22, 2017
YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO BE CHOSEN AND SPEAK FOR CHRIST! 1 Sam.16: 1, 6-7, 10 -13; Ps 23: 1-6; Ephesians 5: 8-14; John 9: 1-41 Just past the halfway point in Lent, the Church bid us rejoice. The introit today from the prophet Isaiah (Is. 66:10) set the tone of this Sunday’s celebration, “Rejoice Jerusalem”. Hence today is traditionally known as the “Laetare Sunday.” It is a day of celebration with a ...

Homily for the 3rd Sunday of Lent in the Year A By Fr JohnPaul Okonkwo

Mar 16, 2017
GIVE ME THIS LIVING WATER OH LORD !!! INTRODUCTION The first reading of today shows God as our provider, he made water available for the thirsty Israelites in the arid desert. In the Gospel, Jesus speaks of new water and a new life that he desires to give us. In the second reading, we see why we ought to live in trust and be joyful because, no one will be deprived of this water. As St Paul puts it, even while we were still sinners, Christ died ...


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