Highlights on Award of Grand patron to Bishop Hilary Okeke by Nigerian Muslims and Christians Youth Forum

May 15, 2017


Introduced themselves adding that they came together because of the way the country is going on political issues. He said that the founding fathers of the country may not be happy because of the political bent in the country.

Prince Mohammed Sani Hassan – President General

Malam idris Sambo- Director General and Mobilization.

Collins Ozelle _ Sounth South Coordinator

Sister Ruth Mbalamm- North Central Coordinator

Sister Blessing Labaran –Director of gender

Brother Emma Nwadiagwu- South East Coordinator

Pastor Simon S: S - South West Coordinator

"We have come with the message of seeking to curb the inter-tribal and religious tensions in the country which if continues, will definitely break up the country. We don’t want to bore you with news.  It is all clear to all of us. It is because of some personal interests of politicians of our country. In the course of our searching for credible personalities as regards unity, we found Bishop Hilary Okeke as the rightful person.  We have a dream where there will be a mutual tranquillity among different tribes in Nigeria. We need your prayers because our mission is going to deprive some people of the business of merchandising from violence and killings in Nigeria. They have given us threats as well".

"By this award, Bishop Okeke will help us pass this message, telling the elite that the youths of this nation are asking for how long will they (youths) perish in the hands of these evil perpetrators. Without peace which is evidently felt in Anambra and Enugu, we wouldn’t have gotten here. Some Pastors and Imams are instigating their youths against people of different beliefs".


"Today is my birthday and am happy celebrating it with you. I have travelled wide and have had experience of different beliefs and worships. We are of the same origin from Adam and Eve. We are saying no to religious crises which are perpetrated mostly by our political leaders. I beg you for the sake of our younger ones; please we should learn to continue to preach peace. We cannot continue to be progressing with crisis. Our choice of Bishop Okeke is because of his outstanding promotion of peace in the country. Without any fear of contradiction, he is 100% man of God".

Secretary: "For record purposes, the Bishop has no political motives towards the award given to him".

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