Repositioning A New Plan For The Family

Mar 23, 2017

A popular adage says that what one sows he reaps i.e what you do today will determine what you will become tomorrow.

Furthermore it is how we make our bed shall we lie on it. All the above sayings have one thing in common: Be strong, don't look at what happened in your life in past years; work hard and be prepared. They all talk about being ready by taking special care of what we do today so as to reap in abundance tomorrow.

There are two types of repositioning; the physical, healthy living and spiritual closeness with faithfulness to God. There is opportunity for everyone, most especially families to start the year positively by repositioning themselves for another 12months of hustle and bustle.

Starting with the physical repositioning as mentioned, health is first. Health is wealth because when there is health you will be able to achieve your aim. The head of the family, should lead household activities or weekly exercises for all the family members either indoors or outdoors exercise, at least every Saturday.

In-house exercises involve press-ups, sit ups and (outdoor), jogging, running particular distance with the family, or games lawn tennis, badminton or soccer (football) etc.

The physical preparations also include intensive environmental sanitation in and around the homes. All the dirty residue carried over from the previous year must be dusted, mopped out and dumped in the bin or incinerated with fire.

Finally physical repositioning must include acquiring skills which can get one employment to help sustain or contribute for the upkeep of the family, whether head of the family, the wife or teenage children etc.

The skills include:

  1. Bead making/ arts and craft 2. Trading (buying and selling)
  2. Hair cutting/Hair dressing 4. Sewing dress/ Fashion designing
  3. Generator repairing 6. Soap making etc.

Now the spiritual repositioning is very important because this is a time to talk with God. Share your burdens and your blessings with your family. Keep a journal or notebook and record one another's thoughts and concerns in your family.

A family should start the New Year by thanksgiving and ask God for long life with good health.  They will also present as petition prayer point,; then fast and pray about it for a number of days and God will not only grant the petition but shower enough anointing throughout the whole year that people will call that family 'favoured' from January to December.

The evil one and his agents are constantly warring against families in order to weaken the faith they have in God. If faith is lost in the family the devil wins. Thus, the faith possessed by the members of the family is the barbed wire fence which keeps the devil away from their territories.

Spiritual repositioning can be the key to breakthrough this year. A family that aspires for the best that life has to offer depends on the level of faith they have; and furthermore there can never be any victory or blessing bigger than the faith they profess.

Spiritual repositioning in the family must include:

i). Preserving and revitalizing the faith amongst members of the family. Because without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb 11:6) for whoever comes to God must have faith that He exists and rewards those who seek Him.

ii). Appreciating the things you have: that's being grateful for humble beginnings; God raises the lowly but puts down the proud. When God wants to do great things in your life, He makes you start from somewhere. The family must embrace whatever condition they find themselves and continue to praise God.

No matter the provocation both within and outside the family, count to ten before you use the tongue especially when you are angry or someone, tempts you to say something negative. Swallow the negative comment. Let it be a New year resolution not to use hurtful or offensive words in all situations you find yourself and caution each member of your family to do the same.

The favour, peace and long life of Jesus Christ our Lord be with you and your family throughout this year, Amen.

Happy New Year and God bless you all.

By Mrs. Ogechukwu Igbelina


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