Wives Should Be Submissive

Mar 23, 2017

Who is a wife? In the first instance, I should say that any person born in the likeness of Eve is a woman. But not every woman is a wife. Wife, therefore, means a female partner in a marriage relationship. While marriage is an institution under which a man and a woman become legally united on a permanent basis, the wife makes the partnership blissful. That is why they are referred to as the better half. 

This institution of marriage was first ordained by God. And this is seen in the lives of Adam and Eve Husband and wife. Eve, a woman and a wife, was made and not created (Gen. 2:22). She came into being after much thought which was confirmed by God. This is the more reason why women should not take full right with men.

It is true that God has given to women great talents and abilities, and it is noteworthy that women's intelligence is equal to that of men, but their stamina and emotional endurance is often greater. This could be seen in the type of jobs women engage in, like we have professors, doctors, lawyers and engineers, etc; despite all these capabilities and intelligence of women, God demanded and ordered them to be submissive to men.

Husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of Church. As the Church is subject to Christ, so wives also be subject in everything to their husbands. Though some wives may find it difficult to do, but it must be done as God has already ordered it. To this effect, husbands should know their limitations and accord recognition to their wedded wives and not regard them as slaves.

Wives should not see this order as if  God is degrading them or having grudges against them. Not at all. God established this order for the protection of wives and the harmony of the home, so that women may be sheltered from many of the rough encounters of life.

Proverbs 31:10-31 illustrates the most complete and beautiful picture of what a good wife should be: “A wife is capable, ambitious, kind, wise, trust- worthy, cheerful, a willing worker, providing for her household and reaching beyond. She knows her worth. She uses to good purpose her intelligence, strength and God-fearing character. She makes life abundant for her husband, children, the poor and needy beyond their family circle.

Husbands should not threaten their wives or hold the whip over them in a bid to make them submissive. Rather, husbands should express appreciation to their wives and encourage them with sweet words. You  Should know that women need petting, admiration and praises from their husbands. Practice this and peace shall reign in your family.

Conclusively, our families come from God. Christ, as the Head of the Church becomes “that (Person in God) who holds the families together.” It is for this reason that the same Church has Christian culture which every family should cultivate, in order to reach its end in eternity; for God has called us all into families that we may bear in mind the necessity of being in the divine family in the world to come.

A virtuous and prudent wife is one that partners with her husband in progress for the success and well-being of the family. She always makes her husband proud and regarded as the best among other men through the following: A prudent wife should love and be caring always, providing him with delicious meals, staying close to him at all times, dressing neatly, decently, admitting faults and tendering apology. This is all about successful matrimony and the secret of marriage as originally designed by God

By Mrs. Ogechukwu Igbelina


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